When does curvy become fat?

I am all for curvy women.  It’s the way our bodies are naturally meant to be. I certainly prefer the soft, feminine curves of a woman instead of straight, angular bones. In short, we aren’t supposed to look like men.

But with the rise of the curve warriors I can’t help but be concerned that healthy curves may be taken over by fat rolls. There is very definitely a difference.  If we turn into a fat loving world then our battle against obesity stand no chance.

So how do we tell when curvy becomes fat? Again, my personal opinion on this subject is consult with your health practitioner. Find out what your healthy BMI is stick with that. First and foremost make sure that you are healthy. 65kg on one woman is going to look very different on another. The same applies to clothing sizes.

Here are some peoples ideas about curvy vs. fat

Different celebrities considered to be curvy but who are all different sizes and shapes.




The fun side of losing weight

As those pounds melt away you start to notice your clothes don’t fit you so well and before you know it you literally don’t have anything to wear. Especially if you’re losing significant numbers.

The first two times I needed new clothes I bought 2 pairs of shorts and borrowed a couple of t-shirts from my mother. I knew I wanted to lose more weight and shopping for a new wardrobe now would be a huge waste of money.

As I am approaching my goal weight, I am realizing that this new body of mine is going to need a whole new look. A full on make-over. That means new hair as well as well as new clothes. I want to wash away the sad fat girl that still lives inside me. That insecure girl is still inside my head and I need to find a way to get her out. To show myself that I now deserve to have confidence in my appearance.

So I’ve been perusing the internet looking for things that I like that hopefully will help keep me inspired to finish this journey. For the first time, I’m looking for things that I like instead of looking for things that will hide my flaws.

As far as I am concerned, the world would be a prettier place if we could just get over the 80’s phase.  Back when it was still 1988 it was awesome.  The fashion was new, exciting and “oh so modern”.  After that I remember reliving the 60’s and 70’s. In the 90’s we all stopped wearing pretty clothes and the grunge look took over.

In the 2000’s we had the boho/vintage look, but come 2010 the 80’s came back. Okay, it was fun for about 5 mins, reminiscing about my youth. But it’s still here, and what’s worse, grunge is coming back now too, so right now we have a fusion of 80’s and grunge, neither of which were great on their own but now we have both coming together.

If they want to bring back fashion of the past, why can’t they bring back something with a little class that still made women look like women. Like the 20’s?

Katie Holmes has impeccable taste in clothing. Whether she is dressing up or dressing down. For me, she knows how to be feminine, elegant and she somehow makes baggy jeans look fabulous. At least someone in this world isn’t wearing neon.

Katie Holmes dressed down in baggy jeans

Katie Holmes standing on the red carpet wearing an elegant black dress.

Katie Holmes sporting a pair of boyfriend jeans, white short sleeved cardigan, black scarf with white polka dots and dark sunglasses.

Workout your body shape

Women’s body shapes, or body types, are calculated according to the ratio between the bust, waist and hips.

While researching this post I found there seems to be different views as to how many different female body shapes and what they’re called.

In one camp we have 6 categories for the female shape.

Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, Hourglass, Diamond and Rounded.

Illustration of different women and the shapes they come in.

In the second campe we have only 4 types of body shapes.

Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Rectangle.

Illustration of four women each of a different body shape, apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle.

Click here to work out your body shape.

Celebrity shapes. Gwyneth Paltrow is Banana, Scarlet Johansson is Hourglass, Jennifer Love Hewitt is Pear and Angelina Jolie is Apple.