Winter Wardrobe!

Oh what fun!! I obviously need an entire new wardrobe for winter, since everything I own was for someone 70lbs bigger. I went through it all and nothing fits. I was shocked and quite disgusted.  I have filled three large suitcases and 3 black bin liners full of my “fat clothes”.  How did I accumulate so much clothing?? I just kept buying in the hope that something, magically would make me look slimmer. Pwhahaha, fat chance. 

Rebuilding a wardrobe from the ground up isn’t cheap, so I suggest purchasing some key items to get started and then growing it from there. Because fashions come and go, try to buy classic, simple items to start.


1. Blue, Black and or White Jeans

2. White Shirt/T-Shirt

3. Black  Shirt/T-Shirt

4. Black Blazer

5. Warm Jersey

6. Cardigan

7. Warm Coat

8. Boots

9. Dress Shoe

10. Leggings


Once you have these key items you can mix and match and dress them up with accessories.