22 Things never to say to an overweight woman.

I’ve been there, and I’ve been told every one of these. When you’re overweight, you know it. I wasn’t aware of just how much I was overweight, I was in denial, but I did know that I was overweight.  So knowing this, you already know what needs to be done. These things are often told to someone without meaning to be hurtful, they’re often said in an effort to be kind, as if you need to hear it in order to realize that you need to lose weight.

These actually hurt your feelings. Now there are two sides to this coin. On the one people telling you this are telling you out of love because they know that you’re unhealthy and you need help. On the other it is hurtful to you. Either way, if someone tells you one of the things on the list, know that they’re not meaning to be cruel, and know that they know there’s a problem. Once I had gone onto my diet, the people who had said these things to me became my biggest supporters and without their support I probably would’ve fallen off the wagon.


    1. “You have such a pretty face.”
    2. “You should wear black.
    3. “You’re a big girl.”
    4. “Have you ever thought about lap band surgery?”
    5. “I don’t have a problem with bigger girls.”
    6. “You’re big-boned, that’s all.”
    7. “If you ate less, you’d lose the weight.”
    8. What happened?”
    9. “I wish I enjoyed food like you.”
    10. “Don’t worry, I like thick girls.”
    11. “Have you ever tried losing weight?”
    12. “You shouldn’t eat that.”
    13. “You look fine the way you are.”
    14. “Did you gain weight because you’re afraid of attracting men?”
    15. “You’d be so pretty if you lost weight.”
    16. When are you due?”
    17. “My friend lost so much weight on this great diet.”
    18. “If you slimmed down, you’d be really sexy.”
    19. “Have you checked your cholesterol recently?”
    20. “You should try to be healthier.
    21. “You shouldn’t wear stripes/polka dots/floral prints.
    22. “You’d be dateable if you lost weight.”

List taken from The Huffington Post.

When does curvy become fat?

I am all for curvy women.  It’s the way our bodies are naturally meant to be. I certainly prefer the soft, feminine curves of a woman instead of straight, angular bones. In short, we aren’t supposed to look like men.

But with the rise of the curve warriors I can’t help but be concerned that healthy curves may be taken over by fat rolls. There is very definitely a difference.  If we turn into a fat loving world then our battle against obesity stand no chance.

So how do we tell when curvy becomes fat? Again, my personal opinion on this subject is consult with your health practitioner. Find out what your healthy BMI is stick with that. First and foremost make sure that you are healthy. 65kg on one woman is going to look very different on another. The same applies to clothing sizes.

Here are some peoples ideas about curvy vs. fat

Different celebrities considered to be curvy but who are all different sizes and shapes.