Winter Wardrobe!

Oh what fun!! I obviously need an entire new wardrobe for winter, since everything I own was for someone 70lbs bigger. I went through it all and nothing fits. I was shocked and quite disgusted.  I have filled three large suitcases and 3 black bin liners full of my “fat clothes”.  How did I accumulate so much clothing?? I just kept buying in the hope that something, magically would make me look slimmer. Pwhahaha, fat chance. 

Rebuilding a wardrobe from the ground up isn’t cheap, so I suggest purchasing some key items to get started and then growing it from there. Because fashions come and go, try to buy classic, simple items to start.


1. Blue, Black and or White Jeans

2. White Shirt/T-Shirt

3. Black  Shirt/T-Shirt

4. Black Blazer

5. Warm Jersey

6. Cardigan

7. Warm Coat

8. Boots

9. Dress Shoe

10. Leggings


Once you have these key items you can mix and match and dress them up with accessories.







‘Biggest Loser’ winner talks controversy, feels ‘proud’ of ‘healthy weight loss’

When Rachel Frederickson won “The Biggest Loser” after dropping almost 60 percent of her body weight, it sparked a backlash on social media from viewers who were concerned about her extreme transformation. Three weeks later, Frederickson wants to set the record straight — she’s healthy, and she’s proud what she accomplished.

“You know, I did work so hard for the finale and finding myself again,” she explained to TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie. “I felt amazing on the stage. I felt like I shined in my dress. Then I got off the stage, and Twitter was all abuzz.”

Frederickson, who started the competition weighing in at 260 pounds and ended it at just 105, was shocked by the reaction.

“I was (surprised), because I felt proud of everything I’d accomplished,” she said. “My journey was my own, and I loved it; I lived it. So, I felt really proud of what I did.”

Although Fredrickson recently admitted that she might have been “a little too enthusiastic” in preparing for the finale, she now wants “Biggest Loser” fans to know that she didn’t do anything unhealthy to get where she is.

“It was absolutely healthy weight loss,” she assured. “I dieted and exercised and did it healthy the whole way. I appreciate all the concern, and I can see where it comes from. There is the ‘movie magic’ — it’s over (the course of) seven months; it’s almost a year of my life losing the weight. I was very unhealthy at 260 pounds and now, post finale, I’m the healthiest, most alive I’ve ever felt.”

Frederickson said she’s in “maintenance mode” now, “which is just as hard as hard as losing the weight.” And despite her successful weight loss, she still worries about slipping into old habits.

“Of course, that thought always comes up, but I think what I’ve learned is that I have an inner strength,” she said. “I have a voice and I can trust myself. (Before) I didn’t trust myself. I was critical, and I judged myself.”

But she’s over than now.

“That’s why I love Love Your Selfie week,” she added. “It’s just this self-image that you’re with you the rest of your life, so you better accept you and love yourself. If everyone can have that gift, then that’s amazing. That’s what I’ve gotten from ‘The Biggest Loser.'”


source: Today Style

7 Surprising Sources of Protein

Source: Dr Oz

If you feel tired and hungry all the time, you may not be getting enough protein. Proteins are the building blocks of the body. They help boost energy, curb appetite and burn fat. You should be eating a minimum of 50 grams of protein every day. If you’re having trouble reaching that goal or are simply looking for ways to mix up your diet, these surprising sources of protein are great additions to any meal!


From antioxidants to mono-unsaturated fats, avocados are loaded with good-for-you nutrients including protein. Nature’s butter, as Dr. Oz likes to call it, contains over four grams of protein per cup. Add it to salads, sandwiches and even smoothies!

An avocado pear cut in half.


Gruyère Cheese

One ounce of this popular hard cheese contains eight grams of protein – more than an egg!

A cheese platter.



A half-cup of this versatile snack contains more than seven grams of protein. Add chickpeas to a salad, purée them with tahini, garlic, vinegar and some oil to make hummus or roast them for an on-the-go protein boost.



Hemp Seeds

This superfood is loaded with protein and essential amino acids. One ounce of hemp seeds contains six grams of protein – about as much as an egg! It can be added to almost any meal with ease, just sprinkle it over cereals, salads or rice dishes.

A hand folded in the shape of a heart holding hemp seeds.


Green Peas

Did you know a serving of green peas contains as much protein as single serving of peanut butter? A single cup of peas contains eight grams of protein as well as nearly 100% of your daily vitamin C needs and plenty of satiating fiber.


A bowl of green peas.


Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are popular in the fall but they’re a protein-packed food you should be eating year-round: one ounce contains nine grams of protein! If you’re looking for a new way to eat this favorite, try adding them to your morning oatmeal.


A wooden spoon holding some pumpkin seeds lying on a bed of more pumpkin seeds.


Sundried Tomatoes

Think outside the pasta bowl! Sundried tomatoes are the perfect addition to chili and other bean dishes as well as salads and salsas. One cup of this nutrient-packed superfood contains eight grams of protein.

Sundried Tomatoes.

Be Realistic!

I’m finding that I have to keep reminding myself to have realistic expectations. The media bombards one with images of the “perfect” woman and I sometimes get it into my head that that is what I have to look like. But the reality is, that’s never going to happen. No matter how much weight I lose I’ll never look like that. We have different body shapes and types and what we see in the media is NOT realistic.

Yes, some women are naturally built that way, but they are few and far between. In reality, most of us have curves, flat chests or droopy breasts. Some of us have big thighs and some have no thighs at all. Some have long slender necks, other short. Some have gaps between their thighs, some don’t, some have flat tummies and some rounded fuller tummies.  Whatever your shape, celebrate it and concentrate more on being healthy than looking like a model in the magazine.   I’m no saint, I fall into the same trap all of you do too.

Here are a couple videos you may or may not have seen. Just to give you an idea of what it is exactly that we’re trying to live up to.

To sign up in support of the mandatory disclaimer for all photoshopped images in magazines, please follow this link and click the green tick at the top to cast your vote.

Workout your body shape

Women’s body shapes, or body types, are calculated according to the ratio between the bust, waist and hips.

While researching this post I found there seems to be different views as to how many different female body shapes and what they’re called.

In one camp we have 6 categories for the female shape.

Triangle, Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, Hourglass, Diamond and Rounded.

Illustration of different women and the shapes they come in.

In the second campe we have only 4 types of body shapes.

Apple, Pear, Hourglass and Rectangle.

Illustration of four women each of a different body shape, apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle.

Click here to work out your body shape.

Celebrity shapes. Gwyneth Paltrow is Banana, Scarlet Johansson is Hourglass, Jennifer Love Hewitt is Pear and Angelina Jolie is Apple.